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Claw Lap Bag Black
US$ 1770 US$ 2212
Dainese Waist-Bag Stealth Black
US$ 3095 US$ 4861
Dainese Leg-Bag Stealth Black
US$ 4624 US$ 5137
Kriega R3 Waist Pack
US$ 9066
Held Flexmount Bag M
US$ 2536 US$ 3170
Alpinestars MM93 Thunder Thigh Bag Black Bright Red
US$ 3543 US$ 4872
Artonvel Military Leg Bag
US$ 16951 US$ 21188
Artonvel Original Full Brown Leg Bag
US$ 14114 US$ 17642
Alpinestars Mm93 Waist Bag Night Navy B.Red Sodalite Blue
US$ 3543 US$ 5315
Artonvel Aviator Leg Bag
US$ 19787 US$ 24734
US$ 15415
Point 65 Hip Bag MT Cargo Black
US$ 17033
Helstons Clubman Waist Bag Grey
US$ 5177 US$ 6443
Artonvel Original Beige Leg Bag
US$ 14114 US$ 17642
Spidi Pouch 1.5 KT3 Black Accessories
US$ 2098 US$ 2207
Artonvel Original Khaki Leg Bag
US$ 14114 US$ 17642
Alpinestars Access Thigh Black Red White Bag
US$ 3188 US$ 4428
Alpinestars MM93 Thunder Thigh Bag Night Navy Blue Red Sodalite Blue
US$ 3897 US$ 4984
Artonvel Original Black Leg Bag
US$ 14114 US$ 17642
Artonvel Original Brown Leg Bag
US$ 14114 US$ 17642
Spidi Legbag Black
US$ 3361 US$ 3537
Alpinestars Access Thigh Black Black Bag
US$ 3188 US$ 4428
Macna Leg Bag
Macna Leg Bag
US$ 4384 US$ 4927
Alpinestars Tech Toolpack Black
US$ 3897 US$ 5315
Point 65 Hip Bag MT Cargo Green
US$ 17033
Held Flexmount Bag S
US$ 2173 US$ 2717
Spidi Pouch 3.0 KT3 Black Accessories
US$ 2940 US$ 3094

27 Items

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Leg & Waist Bags

Are you looking for a way to transport your luggage on your bike? Leg and waist bags are definitely worth checking out! These bags are strapped to your legs or waist so you always wear them on you. Want to take a little bit more with that a waist or legbag can hold? You should definitely check out our motorcycle backpacks! Of course you can also find all kinds of products in the luggage section that can be mounted on the bike. Make sure to also have a look at our navigation systems and mounting systems to be fully prepared for a road trip!

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When you buy your motorcycle gear at ChromeBurner, you benefit from our unique services. We send our products worldwide and fast: if you order on time, we will send the product the same day, so you can enjoy your riding gear as soon as possible! Do you have any doubts about leg and waist bags or about any other product? Our team is ready to help you find the right product! You can contact us via +1 646 770 1993 or support@chromeburner.com.