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Tecmate Optimate 4 Can Bus Edition 1A
US$ 9895
Tecmate Optimate TM-O02 SAE72 12V Plug
US$ 2195 US$ 2744
Tecmate Optimate TM-O29 Adapter Cable SAE to 12V
US$ 2655 US$ 3542
Fulbat Fultest 1
US$ 1368 US$ 2290
Tecmate Optimate 6 Select
US$ 14195 US$ 15155
Tecmate Optimate 5 Voltmatic
US$ 9489 US$ 11082
Tecmate Optimate Test Ts126
US$ 4195 US$ 5226
Tecmate Optimate 4 Dual Charger
US$ 8495 US$ 8595
Tecmate Optimate 2
Tecmate Optimate 2
US$ 6395 US$ 6822
Tecmate Optimate 7 Select
US$ 18195 US$ 18701
Tecmate Optimate Lithium X 4
US$ 19686 US$ 30581
Fulbat Fulload 1000 Battery Tender
US$ 2559 US$ 4232
Tecmate Optimate 7 12V/24V Battery Tender
US$ 16695 US$ 18701
Tecmate Optimate Pro S
US$ 18295 US$ 22868
Tecmate Optimate Test Ts120
US$ 4495 US$ 5226
Tecmate Optimate 3
Tecmate Optimate 3
US$ 7495
Tecmate Optimate Pro 8 S
US$ 74380 US$ 103277
Tecmate Optimate 3 X 2
US$ 14895 US$ 15776
Tecmate Optimate 3 X 4
US$ 28595 US$ 29783
Tecmate Optimate 5 4A
US$ 9995
Tecmate Optimate 6 Ampmatic
US$ 12595
Tecmate Optimate 6 12V 24V
US$ 12989 US$ 15155
Tecmate Optimate 7 Ampmatic
US$ 15989 US$ 17017
Tecmate Optimate Lithium 5.0A
US$ 13295 US$ 15155
Tecmate Optimate Dc To Dc
US$ 7674 US$ 9001
Tecmate Optimate Pro 4
US$ 51415 US$ 98046
Tecmate Optimate 1 Duo
US$ 4995 US$ 5315

27 Items

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Battery tenders

At ChromeBurner, we sell battery tenders from Tecmate and Fulbat. There’s a lot of different types available!

Why use a battery tender?

To put some electricity into your battery of course! But these chargers are smarter than you think. One of the smart things they do is constantly check if your battery doesn’t get “overcharged” when it’s hooked up to the battery tender. It gently ‘drips’ power into the motorcycle battery and keeps it active. Battery tenders (also called trickle chargers) definitely extend the lifetime of your battery, so it’s worth the investment!

What kind of battery tenders are there?

There are many different battery tenders. There are battery tenders to charge two batteries at once, battery tenders with a Can Bus connector, and special battery tenders for Lithium-Ion batteries. Check out the product description to see which battery tender suits your bike best! That’s important because using the wrong trickle charger will destroy your motorcycle battery!

Why buy at ChromeBurner?

We understand that finding the right battery tender can be difficult. That’s why our team is ready to help you out! Send us an email or give us a call and we will help you find the right battery tender! If you order your product on time, it will be shipped the same day!