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Yuasa YTX16-BS-1 Combi Pack
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Yuasa YTX16-BS Motorcycle Battery
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Fulbat FT4B-BS Gel
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Fulbat FTX14L-BS Gel Motorcycle Battery
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Fulbat FIX30L-BS Gel
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Tecmate Optimate 4 Dual Charger
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Yuasa YTX14L-BS Motorcycle Battery
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Fulbat FTX12-BS Motorcycle Battery
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A product that is often overlooked and a pain in the ass when it doesn’t work: a motorcycle battery. When your bike is failing on you before you’re going for a ride nine out of ten times it will be a dead battery. You only know how important your battery is, when it has failed on you for the first time.

What should you know about motorcycle batteries?

Before you purchase your new battery, it’s nice to know what this actually does inside your bike. A battery gives power to the systems that require electricity to function during your ride. Normally riding your bike produces electricity, but when your bike isn’t in motion those systems aren’t getting any. That’s when the battery comes in. It’s there to, in the first place, start your motorcycle, and after that it’s powering the ECU, the lights, riding aids and more when your bike is not in motion, such as traffic lights and other moments when you are standing still for a long time.

What types of motorcycle batteries are there?

Gel battery

A gel battery is the same as a wet lead acid battery only the liquid is a gel, meaning that it can't leak and you can put the battery in any position in your motorcycle. It’s less powerful than a battery with liquids but needs less maintenance.

AGM battery

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat, which basically means the magic happens inside the special fiberglass mats inside the battery. These types of batteries are easy to maintain and are really good in both warm and cold weather conditions and last a long time. They become more and more the OEM placed batteries.

SLA batteries

The SLA batteries are basically AGM batteries filled up by the manufacturer and sealed afterwards. Because of the sealing the battery is perfect for placing in every way, because it can’t leak.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

The most modern one of them all. The benefits of this battery over the others is that it’s lightweight and does a great job in cold weather conditions. Also Li-ion batteries deliver more power for starting. The downsides are that they can’t be brought back to life when they’re empty and they’re relatively expensive.

How to maintain your motorcycle battery?

It’s important to know that batteries are quite delicate things. They don’t like to run empty and then be fully charged again. It causes the inside to get damaged. Sometimes the best thing is just to buy a new battery and say goodbye to your old one. Don’t forget to recycle it!

It’s fine to let your motorcycle battery sit in your motorcycle when you don’t ride your bike for a longer period of time. There isn’t a golden rule, but the average is about max 3 or 4 week before it loses all the power. It depends on the condition of the battery and how full it was the last time you went for a ride.

If you are planning on not using your bike for a while, like in the winter for example, it’s nice to give it some love with some power using a battery tender. This will help you keep the battery healthy, so you can start off summer with a working battery in your motorcycle! Keep in mind that a Lithium-ion battery needs a different charger than the other batteries. We offer battery tenders from Tecmate and Fulbat.

Why buy your motorcycle battery at ChromeBurner?

We know picking up your new battery can be difficult. So don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have! Send a mail to support@chromeburner.com or give us a call at +31 73 200 80 20.