ChromeBurner Chronicles

Below are our blogs, these range from handy gear tips to the best vacation trips! Written by motorcycle enthusiasts, for motorcycle enthusiasts.


Our passion for motorcycles

Let it not be a surprise: We have a passion for motorcycles and not a little bit of it. Anyone who is a motorcycle freak like us, knows that this passion is not irreversible… Once a motorcycle freak, always a motorcycle freak. And that is the great thing about it! Because we all know that, starting your bike knowing you will enjoy every minute of it is the best feeling there is! Because our heads are so filled with motorcycle information, we can't even do our normal work anymore. That is why we decided to write blogs, so we can share information to our fellow riders and empty our head for our normal work. When we can also entertain and inform you with our blogs then that is of course a win-win situation. Get inspired and find articles about the latest motorcycle clothing, informative how-to’s and much more!